Group Personal Training

Our most popular programme. 

What is it?

Our Group Personal Training uses a professional Strength and Conditioning model.

Our priority is to get you strong and fit so your body can move in a healthy manner using 3 different levels of programming.  This means recovery sessions are included while leaving no stone unturned.

Prices work out at €12.50 - €22.50 per session (Or €45 - €50 per week). 

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What do you get:

  • 8-16 one hour training sessions per month.
  • Option of 19 weekly slots that you may change to suit your schedule.
  • Fully digestible nutritional / individual programmes. 
  • Likeminded group and coaches to hold you accountable.
  • Measurements on request.
  • Access to 3 Highly qualified trainers with over ten years experience. 
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'Will it suit my goals?'

If you join any other run of the mill fitness class they will insist you stick to the one programme. However if your goal is to put on muscle Vs to lose weight then your programme needs to be different to the person who has opposing goals to yours. 

You need different programming for your goals.  

Our coaches constantly discuss these goals with you and change your programme there on the spot. 

Why 6 people max in a group?

We have built long and slow. We pride ourselves in service. We believe in excellence and our programme delivers that. Just look at our testimonial section. 

We believe that everyone needs some one to one attention. We need to know how you are getting on in and outside the gym.Therefore we strive for premium service as you would receive in a personal training setting but at a much cheaper cost that suits your schedule. 

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